Melina Kelsey

Melina Kelsey
My mission is to help you, as a small business owner, to reach your digital media goals. Our small business clients know I’ll take good care of them and listen to their needs and define realistic expectations so they come back again and again!
My background is working as a Test Analyst and Test Manager for the last 20 years within IT industry. I’ve worked on many websites across organisations, and I understand the pain points of poor design and frustrations when customers cannot find what they are looking for.
I have an MBA and recently completed a CERT IV in Photography & Digital Imaging and I’m a Google Maps Street View Trusted photographer!
I have the experience and skills to get you where you need to be!
  • What is a Google Trusted Photographer?
    A Google Trusted Photographer, is not a Google employee, yet is able to create virtual tours of businesses that are added to Google Maps and Google Street View. They have earned the right to display the Google Trusted Photographer badge.

Google Maps Street View Trusted