Attention to detail

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As one of my folios in 2021 for PSC, amid the negativity of covid, I wanted to focus on the natural beauty surrounding us. I came to discover the tiny fungus kingdom and the variety of colours, shapes and sizes absolutely hooked me. Also, it’s the hunt. Once I get to a location, I have a rule: I need to find something within 10 minutes or so and then I know the chances of success will be relatively high. For me, it’s training your eyes to look for the sometimes subtle fungi on logs, wood chips, and trees. It’s so much fun to discover. Of course, it’s not without its drawbacks. The early mornings can be cold, and wet and I’ve even shared them with the hungry and waiting leeches for a warm-blooded animal to brush past their branch.

These images are my favourites to date and I’m planning to continue adding with each Autumn season.

This style of photography demonstrates my skills using a macro lens. For the images, I also used focus stacking and light painting.

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